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Clear Bra, also known as paint protection film (PPF), is the ultimate form of paint protection for your vehicle. It’s honestly that simple. If you’re looking to preserve the value in your car and reduce blemishes than this is a great option! The only paint protection service that guarantees protection from rock chips, paint protection film defends your car from blemish causing environmental contaminants including (but not limited to) insect acids, tree sap, scratches, minor dents, swirling, etching, marring, oxidation, UV damage and corrosion to any applied surface. In the event that a rock chip gets kicked up from the road and damages your paint protection film, the clear bra possesses self-healing technology that literally heals itself if damaged. Simply park your vehicle in a sunny area or heated garage and your car’s film will heal itself!

Paint Protection Film Packages

At Car Deets Kansas City we offer several paint protection film packages to protect your vehicle from the elements. With packages for any budget and any goal our clear bra paint protection film goes on clear and is guaranteed to never bubble, delaminate or discolor. We offer four different packages at our storefront. A breakdown of the packages and their options are below:

Clear Bra Bumper & HeadlightsThis package includes paint protection film to extremely prone areas. Clear Bra is applied to the front bumper and headlights and makes washing your vehicle a breeze. Click here for a free quote.

Partial KitIncredibly popular with roadster owners and individuals who drive low sitting vehicles, this package includes the bumper, headlights, the first third of the hood, the first third of the front two fenders and the front side of mirrors. Click here for a free quote.

Full Front Kit The full front kit is ideal for individuals who want to protect the vulnerable areas of their vehicle. With the addition of paint protection film your car gains protection on the entire hood, full fenders with wrapped edges, bumper, front of side mirrors, headlights and the rear luggage area. Click here for a free quote.

Full CarThe full car kit provides protection to the entire vehicle. We wrap every single inch in paint protection film for maximum protection. From the front bumper to the rear bumper, and everything in between, this package provides the best protection around and is catered to individuals who are very serious about protecting their investment. Click here for a free quote.


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