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Car Paint Protection in Olathe KS

Ceramic Pro Sport

Car Deets KC offers car paint protection for any goal or budget! The Ceramic Pro Sport package is a great introductory short term and winterizing solution to any one interested in trying the benefits of ceramic car paint protection before jumping in headfirst! Our Sport package provides high quality hydrophobic nano-ceramic paint coating that is backed by a six-month warranty. The Sport Package provides protection from tree sap, dirt, insect acids, road salt and additional environmental buildup. By adding any of the Ceramic Pro line of products to a vehicle, a vehicle adds ease of removing and protecting a vehicle with minimal effort. For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.

Included in Package

  • Repels Water (Hydrophobic compound) – No more water spots!
  • Offers a superb self-cleaning effect
  • Resistance to chemical substances found in; bird droppings, asphalt/tar, sap, spray paint, and more
  • UV resistance
  • Super, high-gloss finish after application
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